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We're sold out!

Registered participants, we're looking forward to seeing you on race day.

If you didn't get a chance to register already, we're sorry to say that for the safety of all our participants we will not be going over our cap and therefore there will be NO race day registration.

We do this event every year though and will be happy to see you in 2019!

Got any last minute questions about the race? Want to check out the venue? Come join us at this free clinic for registered participants! Your race directors will be on hand to walk you through the race venue and demonstrate a sample setup for all your gear.

Race Venue - Selby Aquatic Center at the Potter Park YMCA, Potter Park Dr, Sarasota, FL 34238
Saturday, February 10 from 3:00-4:00pm
Yourself and something to take notes, if you want!

Do the winter blues get you down? Tri Your Heart Out is a great way to dip your toes into the world of triathlon, or jump back in after the holidays. It's an affordable, safe, friendly race designed for first timers and those who enjoy having the rest of the day to relax. No fancy bike or spandex needed, no pressure, just a good time swimming, biking, and running!

Tri Your Heart Out is designed to make a first timers' experience top notch and inspire them to continue in the sport of triathlon! Many of our Sarasota Storm members got their start into triathlons with THIS RACE and have gone on to do sprint, Olympic, half and full Iron distance races.

Our members volunteer for this race so you know you will be in good hands with experienced triathletes there to answer your questions, direct you on the course and cheer you to the finish line.

Sunday, February 11, 2018
Potter Park YMCA, Potter Park Dr, Sarasota, FL 34238
$25 for adults through December 31, $35 until race day, FREE for kids.
Tshirts guaranteed for registered participants through January 15, 2018
Training Plans

Not sure how to prepare? Here's some free training plans to get you started. You can always adjust them to your needs!


Storm members, please sign up here to volunteer!


Adults' Race

Athlete checkin and race day registration opens
Transition opens
Transition closes. All athletes must attend a pre-race meeting in the Selby Aquatic Center stands
Athletes line up for swim start
Race start!

Kids' Race

Age 8-11 start
Age 5-7 start

Course Information

Swim (400m)

You will be swimming in the Selby Aquatic Center's beautiful, warm pool. Lifeguards will be present for your safety. Athletes will line up based on their estimated swim completion time and enter the water 10 seconds apart. You will swim up one lane, go under the lane line, go down the next lane, and so on in an S-shape until you get to the ladder at the end.

Bike (11 miles)

The bike course is and out and back with police guiding athletes safely through 3 intersections and the turnaround point. There will be a bike lane for the entire course. Athletes should stay in the bike lane, passing other cyclists only when safe to do so.

Bike course map

Run (2.1 miles)

The run course is an out and back. Volunteers will be located at each of the two corners and the turnaround spot to guide you. There is plenty of room on the sidewalk.

Run course map

Course Information - Kids' Race

For safety, the kid races for both age groups will take place completely on the Potter Park YMCA grounds. Parents, you are allowed to help your kids during the event but you must use caution to not interfere with other athletes. Please follow all instructions from volunteers. Kids always have the right-of-way!

8-11 year olds
50 yard swim; 2000 meter bike ride (10 laps); 650 meter run
5-7 year olds
25 yard swim; 1000 meter bike ride (5 laps); 275 meter run

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

You can wear anything that you're comfortable swimming, biking, and running in. Many people wear a swimsuit, then throw some shorts and a tshirt over it for the bike and the run. The only requirement is that you must wear a helmet when riding your bike!

Do I need a fancy bike?

No way! Most people use their beach cruisers, mountain bikes, and hybrids.

When can I check my bike in and set up my stuff?

Bike checkin is the morning of the race from 6:15am-7:00am. To make your checkin faster, we recommend that you make sure your tires are inflated before you leave home or bring your own pump. We will have a pump on hand in case you forget!

Is the pool indoors or outdoors?

The pool is outdoors at the Selby Aquatic Center across the parking lot from the YMCA gym.

I'm not good at swimming freestyle. Will I be ok?

Yes! You can use whatever stroke you want! And since you'll be doing laps in the pool, you can always take a breather at the wall or hold on to the lane line if needed. Lifeguards will be on hand for your safety and peace of mind too.

The only limit is that floatation devices such as kickboards and noodles are not allowed. Snorkels, while discouraged, are allowed. This is for the safety and comfort of other swimmers.

Is the pool heated?

February may not be warm for us Floridians, but at least the pool will be. The pool is always heated to a comfortable temperature suitable for exercise (between 78-80F).